Best 3 Q&A About The Cockapoo! (Part 4)

What type of coat does a Cockapoo have? 

The coat of a Cockapoo can have three different types. 

The "woolly" type is when the coat is tightly curled and fluffy. 

The "fleecy" type has a looser curl that isn't as coarse. 

The "satin" type is a dog that has smoother, silkier coats.

What is the difference between a Cockapoo and a Cavapoo? 

The main difference between the Cockapoo and Cavapoo is the size. 

The Cockapoo will be a little larger.

In terms of temperament, they are fairly similar, but Cavapoos are generally less active in comparison.

What colors is the Cockapoo available in?

Cockapoo's come in all sorts of colors, some common ones are black, white, buff, cream, and apricot.